Technical Data Brief

Utilizing pore adsorption

Utilizing pore adsorption

Moisture and oxygen control through pore adsorption.

Compact and lightweight

Compact and lightweight

Small and lightweight, reducing its presence as a desiccant.

Strong moisture absorption

Strong moisture absorption

Strong moisture absorption, preserving the taste and texture of food

Long-lasting humidity control

Long-lasting humidity control

Long-lasting humidity control maintains low moisture levels inside the packaging

The stability of many health products can be compromised due to excessive moisture and oxygen activity inside the product packaging. This instability can make it challenging for products to maintain consistent quality after leaving the factory, affecting their effectiveness. For example, diagnostic reagent paper, when exposed to even a small amount of moisture in a high relative humidity environment before use, can have its pH value affected, thereby impacting the final test results.

WiseSheet polymer desiccant sheets, designed and developed by WiseNano, provide an excellent solution to the issue of internal instability within packaging. WiseSheet contain desiccant particles that utilize pore adsorption to dehumidify and control oxygen. They have the advantages of a small volume and strong moisture absorption capabilities. Their long-lasting moisture control ability ensures that the moisture content inside the packaging remains consistently low for an extended period, thereby guaranteeing consistent product quality and extending the product’s shelf life.

The sheet-like design of WiseSheet is well-suited to the shape requirements of flexible packaging, minimizing their presence as a desiccant and meeting the tactile and visual requirements of product packaging. Polymer desiccant sheets are a flexible and high-performance desiccant product that not only fulfills their drying function but also pays attention to the fit and aesthetics of product packaging. They are designed with the idea of optimizing product packaging and can be customized to meet specific needs.”

WiseSheet Polymer Desiccant Sheet Electron Microscope

WiseSheet Polymer Desiccant Sheet Electron Microscope Image

WiseSheet polymer desiccant sheets use physical pore size adsorption. From the top-down electron microscope image, it can be clearly seen that small cubic desiccant particles are densely and evenly distributed across the entire plane. The dense desiccant particles ensure effective adsorption of moisture molecules as they pass through, meeting the long-term humidity control requirements. The thicker the deisccant sheet, the more desiccant particles it contains, resulting in a higher moisture absorption capacity.

WiseSheet Polymer Desiccant Sheet (PP, Molecular sieve)
Product Name WiseSheet 0.3 WiseSheet 0.6 WiseSheet 0.8 WiseSheet 1.0
Thickness (mm) 0.30±0.03 0.60±0.06 0.80±0.08 1.00±0.10
Grammage(g/m2) 375.0±25.0 750.0±50.0 950.0±80.0 1200.0±100.0
105℃ Moisture content (%) ≤1.0
Moisture absorption (g/m2) (25℃,RH=40%) ≥45 ≥90 ≥110 ≥140
Humidity control(25℃) ≤RH10%
Humidity control speed ≤24h
Tensile Strength(N/mm) Horizontal ≥3.0 ≥4.0 ≥5.0 ≥6.0
Vertical ≥3.0 ≥4.0 ≥5.0 ≥6.0

Taking the moisture absorption comparison chart of WiseSheet polymer desiccant sheets with standard thicknesses of 0.3mm, 0.6mm, and 1.0mm as an example, at a specific temperature of 25°C, the thicker the desiccant sheet, the greater the moisture absorption. Additionally, moisture absorption is directly proportional to relative humidity. The higher the relative humidity, the better the moisture absorption effect of the desiccant sheet. For products with limited internal packaging space and lower humidity requirements (e.g., packaging for antigen diagnostic reagents), you can choose the thickness of the desiccant sheet based on the desired moisture absorption to optimize the product packaging design.

In terms of moisture absorption rate, the above chart shows that at 40% humidity and a specific temperature of 25°C, the thicker the desiccant sheet, the lower the moisture absorption rate. Moisture absorption rate refers to the percentage of moisture that a substance can absorb relative to its own weight. Thicker desiccant sheets have a smaller moisture absorption rate in testing due to their increased volume. Their contact area with the air remains constant, so thicker desiccant sheets have a lower moisture absorption rate in the same amount of time. However, it’s evident that thicker desiccant sheets provide longer-lasting moisture absorption, extending the drying time in the environment.

In summary, WiseSheet polymer desiccant sheets are flexible and high-performance desiccant products that address moisture and oxygen activity issues in various healthcare product packaging, ensuring product quality and stability. These characteristics make WiseSheet suitable for a wide range of applications, including pharmaceuticals, health supplements, food, cosmetics, precision electronic instruments, and military applications.

WiseSheet polymer desiccant sheets - applications
WiseSheet polymer desiccant sheets - applications
WiseSheet polymer desiccant sheets - applications
WiseSheet polymer desiccant sheets - applications

By selecting the appropriate sheet thickness, you can optimize moisture absorption according to the requirements of the product packaging. These desiccant sheets offer controlled moisture absorption performance under different relative humidity conditions, ensuring product stability in varying environments.

Whether in humidity control or extending product shelf life, WiseSheet polymer desiccant sheets are a solution worth considering, providing reliable moisture control and protection for healthcare product packaging. They represent innovation, quality, and sustainability, opening up new possibilities in the field of product packaging.

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