The Application of WiseSheet Desiccant

in the Food Industry
A Case Study of Seaweed Packaging

In today’s society, the variety of food products has led to a diverse range of packaging designs. In this context, the packaging industry faces two crucial considerations: On one hand, the increasing awareness of global warming and environmental protection, along with the promotion of the United Nations’ ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) sustainable strategies, demands a reduction in packaging volume, material consumption, and waste generation. On the other hand, maintaining innovative and high-quality packaging to meet market and consumer demands is equally essential. Balancing these two aspects has become a significant challenge for the packaging industry, but it also presents an opportunity for innovation and progress.

Sea SEdge

Large Volume

Not Environmentally friendly

Not environmentally friendly

Crush the seaweed

Crush the seaweed

A new generation of polymer desiccants, WiseSheet, offers a novel solution that addresses the balance between environmental protection and product quality. Compared to traditional silica gel desiccants, WiseSheet provides higher moisture absorption capacity while being more convenient and eco-friendly. During the packaging process of food products like seaweed, WiseSheet can be directly adhered to the inside of the packaging bag using a forming machine, eliminating the need for additional packaging space and achieving effective moisture-proof functions. This new packaging solution not only reduces packaging volume by about 20% without compromising product taste but also lowers logistics costs by 20%, making it an attractive proposition.

Another essential advantage of WiseSheet is its adhesive performance, ensuring it stays securely fixed within the packaging bag during transportation, preventing any movement that could potentially damage the seaweed. This feature ensures that WiseSheet maintains its position throughout transportation and storage, effectively protecting the quality and taste of the seaweed.

packaging boxes inside warehouse

Furthermore, the primary component of WiseSheet is PP material, making it convenient for recycling. PP is a common recyclable plastic that helps reduce environmental impact and resource wastage. Consequently, WiseSheet is not only environmentally friendly during its use but also contributes to environmental protection by promoting a circular economy after its lifecycle.

Overall, the introduction of WiseSheet holds significant significance for addressing the challenges faced by the packaging industry. Its outstanding moisture absorption capabilities, convenient adhesive design, reliable transportation protection, and environmentally friendly material composition make it an ideal choice for modern packaging strategies. Through this innovative technology, we can achieve a better balance between environmental protection and product quality, providing customers and consumers with superior and more sustainable packaging solutions.

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