Wisenano Active Packaging


Established in 2001, WiseSorbent has been committed to providing moisture control, odor removal, and oxygen scavenging packaging solutions for over 23 years. We specialize in innovative moisture-proof packaging, offering top-quality products and services for various industries, including industrial, pharmaceutical, healthcare, diagnostic reagents, precision instruments, food, and household products. In 2016, WiseSorbent entered the North American medical and healthcare market and, earning the trust and recognition of our customers, successfully established WiseSorbent LLC in the United States in 2017. In 2020, we introduced WiseNano Active Packaging, a new generation of active packaging using functional particles as raw materials.

Wisenano Company

Our Values

WiseNano is committed to providing innovative and sustainable active packaging solutions for sensitive products susceptible to moisture and oxygen. We base our technology on functional particles and focus on material science innovation. Our structural designs are rooted in breakthrough science to meet the stability requirements of various sensitive products.

Wisenano Products


Our products are categorized into four classifications to cater to diverse moisture protection needs:

Flexible packaging
Hard film
Hard Film

Our Mission is to

Enhance your product value

Accelerate product launch time

Improve the user experience

Reduce risk


R&D Leadership

Proactive and continuous innovation driven by scientific research to address core issues.

Global Presence

Proactive and continuous innovation driven by scientific research to address core issues.

High Standard Production

Strict quality management according to standards such as ISO15378, ISO9001, US FDA DMF, and other quality management systems.

Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection


We hold ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) at the core of our values. Regarding product structural design, we are dedicated to using sustainable materials and innovative technology to minimize our environmental impact while meeting customer needs. We continue to conduct research and development to introduce more eco-friendly and efficient products to meet future sustainability requirements. We actively promote recycling initiatives in our product design, striving to utilize recyclable materials whenever possible. Moreover, we engage in recyclable projects, collaborating with partners to promote the efficiency and scope of recycling, reducing waste’s impact on the environment. In our management practices, we have established a stringent internal management system to ensure that our operations and decisions align with the principles of sustainable development. We strongly emphasize employee training to raise awareness and the importance of ESG.

Overall, we base our actions on ESG principles, continuously innovating and improving product structural design, driving recycling initiatives, and strengthening internal management. We strive for the harmonious development of the environment, society, and economy, making our contribution to sustainable development.

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