Aluminum desiccant Pouch in Semiconductor Applications:

Transport and Storage of Semiconductor Devices

About Semiconductor Characteristics and Susceptibility to Moisture

Semiconductor devices are integral components of modern electronics. They exhibit exceptional electronic performance and find applications across various fields, from computing to communication, healthcare to automotive, and beyond. However, semiconductor devices possess a vulnerability—they are highly susceptible to moisture. This susceptibility arises from the nature of semiconductor materials. When exposed to humid environments, semiconductor devices can encounter several issues:

Oxidation and Corrosion:

The presence of oxygen in humid air can lead to oxidation and corrosion of the materials within semiconductor devices, impairing their performance.

Conduction Problems:

Moisture can create undesirable conductive paths between electronic components, potentially causing short circuits and compromising the functionality of the devices.

Package Integrity:

If the packaging isn’t adequately sealed, moisture may infiltrate the interior of the device, damaging internal circuits and possibly resulting in complete device failure.

Oxidation, corrosion, short circuit, circuit damage
Oxidation, corrosion, short circuit, circuit damage

Considerations for Storing and Transporting Semiconductors

When storing and transporting semiconductor devices, it’s essential to address the following concerns to prevent moisture-related damage:

Humidity Control

Humidity Control

The storage environment should maintain optimal humidity levels and avoid excessive moisture. Using humidity control equipment and hermetically sealed packaging can mitigate the effects of moisture.

Temperature Stability

Temperature Stability

It's crucial to maintain a stable temperature during storage to prevent moisture condensation on the device's surface due to extreme temperature fluctuations.

Protective Packaging

Protective Packaging

Employ moisture-proof bags, sealed containers, or desiccants to package the devices and prevent moisture ingress.

How to Address and Protect Against Moisture-Related Issues in Semiconductor Devices

WisePouch+ Aluminum Desiccant Pouch

WisePouch+ is a functional packaging solution designed to provide outstanding moisture absorption and drying capabilities. Crafted from composite desiccant aluminum film with desiccant properties, WisePouch+ aims to deliver superior moisture protection for a variety of semiconductor devices, including PCBs and IC integrated circuits, enhancing the reliability of their transportation and storage.

Moisture Absorption

Moisture Absorption:

WisePouch+ excels at rapidly absorbing moisture within the package, maintaining a dry environment around the devices. This capability helps prevent moisture-induced damage, extending the devices' shelf life.

Moisture Resistance

Moisture Resistance:

Due to its construction with desiccant aluminum film, WisePouch+ exhibits remarkable moisture resistance, ensuring that the contents of the bag remain unaffected by ambient humidity, thus preserving product quality.

Anti-Static Properties

Anti-Static Properties:

WisePouch+ undergoes anti-static treatment, effectively reducing the impact of static electricity on semiconductor devices.

WisePouch+ applications - I
Applications I.
Applications II.
WisePouch+ applications - III
Applications III.
Enhanced Protection

Enhanced Protection:

The multi-layered structure of WisePouch+ enhances its puncture resistance, providing additional protection against physical damage during transportation and handling.

Space and Efficiency:

WisePouch+ eliminates the need for additional desiccants, saving internal packaging space and improving production line efficiency. This reduces the risk of desiccant breakage and friction-related damage during transportation.

Custom Printing and Bag Types

Custom Printing and Bag Types:

WisePouch+ offers digital printing for customized designs as per your requirements. It is available in various bag types, including self-sealing bags, flat bags, and envelope-style bags, catering to diverse packaging needs.

WisePouch+ Info Graphic
Digital Patterns
WisePouch+ Info Graphic


Given the critical role of semiconductor devices in modern technology, addressing moisture-related concerns is of paramount importance. By understanding semiconductor characteristics, considering storage and transportation precautions, and implementing suitable moisture protection solutions like WisePouch+, we can safeguard these crucial electronic components, ensuring their performance and reliability across various industries. Desiccant aluminum pouches play a pivotal role in advancing electronic technology by protecting semiconductor devices from the adverse effects of moisture.

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